Welcome to the jungle

official music video

The official music video to Game On is out now. In this Moritz Schmid production QUINNE was joined by the wonderful dance crew Alcyx, who put together a stunning choreography to Game On's chorus. Go check out the clip.

Roses: out now

Roses have thorns they say - but what if we looked at it the other way round? The beautifully honest R&B and pop ballad is dedicated to all the people going all the way to make their dreams come true, reminding us of the fact that we can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.

warzone - out now

That feeling, when deep down you feel dissociated from someone and it breaks your heart, because you do not want to renounce that person, but in order to protect yourself, you must do so. That exact feeling inspired Sherry-ou and QUINNE to compose their heartbreaking power-ballad called Warzone. Expressive vocals, vigorous drums and melancholic strings musically accentuate the despair and the pain. An inner war between the head and the heart, where there will be no winner - and the only comfort is to know that it resulted in a beautifully sentimental modern pop-ballad.