QUINNE is a pop singer, songwriter and performer from Zug, Switzerland. Born to a Brazilian mother and a Swiss father, she learned music at an early age and was performing onstage by the time she was a teenager. After finishing school, QUINNE joined an indie-pop band as lead singer and gathered experience on stages all across Switzerland. In 2021 she dropped out of the band in order to pursue her own career in music and started writing and producing her songs, that were far more electronic and diverse. 

After catching the attention of producers in Berne and Basel, QUINNE started working with them. The musician stayed true to her multifaceted interests and cultural background and kept experimenting with different sounds and genres, comparing her music to a beautiful big jungle of versatility and thus turning this into her trademark and identifier. Each of her songs is symbolized by an animal theme. 

The Swiss Brazilian artist is currently focusing on single releases, songwriting and playing concerts. Her first releases were added to several radio rotations and playlists. QUINNE was one of the 12 half finalists at the renowned Coke Studio Soundcheck by Coca Cola 2022 and competed in Stefanie Heinzmann's team. 

QUINNE's music focuses on her personal experiences and interests. The electro pop musician loves to include different sounds, instruments and musical elements into her music and combine different genres. Her songs range from contemporary R'n'B to reggaeton. She cites Lana Del Rey, Tinashe, Anitta and Justin Timberlake to be her biggest musical influences.